Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter

Jonathan’s Place is a Dallas County emergency shelter for children ranging in age from newborn to 18. We are one of the only shelters in the area that accepts children in this broad age range, which allows us to keep sibling groups together when they are removed from their family homes. Without this option, children are often times separated and placed into different shelters or foster homes.

As an emergency shelter, we provide temporary residential care and specialized services to children who have been abandoned or removed from their homes by Child Protective Services (CPS) due to abuse and/or neglect. On average, the children live in our shelter for 30 days, but may stay up to 90 days depending on their ages and circumstances. When they leave our care, they are placed by CPS with a safe relative, in a foster home, or adopted.

While at our “home,” children are cared for by licensed child care administrators and credentialed staff. Staff requirements include CPR / first aid and behavioral management certifications. Children receive the utmost comprehensive care, including medical, dental, psychological care, and educational support.

Abuse in Dallas County

Every day, schools, police, and CPS determine that children are in life threatening situations requiring immediate removal from their homes. In Texas, more than 4 children die from abuse/neglect in an average week, 184 are confirmed victims daily and of those 145 are under the age of 10. As a partner with CPS, Jonathan’s Place provides a safe, loving home through our emergency shelter until the child is placed with a family member, foster home, or adopted.

How the Emergency Shelter is Funded

The State of Texas provides reimbursement for each night a child stays at Jonathan’s Place. Unfortunately, that only covers roughly 60% of the cost to care for each child. Jonathan’s Place counts on the generosity of the community to provide the additional funds required to care for the children. These funds cover not only the children’s basic needs – food, shelter, clothing, but also counseling and other specialized services to help them cope with the multiple traumas they have experienced.

How You Can Help

Consider making a financial donation or becoming a volunteer.