Community Partner Application

Community Partner Application

Jonathan’s Place Community Partner

Comprehensive Multi-Level Partnership

Level 1 – Introduction

Community Partner Discovery Sessions

Purpose- The introduction of a career pathway is the first step in developing an interest. Students want to meet actual employees/business partners and interact about their career. Community Partners are required to attend at least one Discovery Session. Discovery Sessions will take place, via Zoom, every other month. An in-person networking/social event will be held at the end of the academic year.

Level 2 – Exploration

Purpose- The exploration of a pathway provides work-based learning opportunities for students and allows for the business/industry to get to know the student on an individual basis. Students could visit a job site, shadow employees, and ask more specific questions related to the skills needed to become employed. Students are also working with their mentors and Jonathan’s Place staff to gain more specific knowledge of skills needed to be successful in the pathway.

Opportunities could include:

  • Structured Field Study – This work-based learning opportunity would be an on-site field trip for a group of students. The students would be well informed and would ask questions regarding job roles, job descriptions, and overall job experience.
  • Job Shadow – This work based learning opportunity can be on-site or virtual. Students would be selected based on good academic standing, good behavior, and alignment of career pathway. Students would be paired with an employee from the business and show the employee for a specific time frame to get a better understanding of job tasks. This opportunity can be one-time or part of a series of experiences. Students would end the opportunity with a reflection survey.

Level 3 – Application

Student Internship

Purpose- Students participating in an internship program would sign an approved training and evaluation plan and agree to a specific number of hours required for successful completion. Internships could last a semester, 3-5 months, or could continue into working over the summer. Throughout the internship, the student would receive feedback while being evaluated by the employee or workplace supervisor. Academic credit and compensation is at the discretion of the Community Partner.