Your Impact: Becoming a Family

Your Impact: Becoming a Family

This article is from the November 2014 Newsletter.  Download a PDF of the newsletter to read more about the impact of your support. 

It has been a long, sometimes difficult journey for Lillian and Michael Rodriguez to adopt, but they always knew it was their calling. A victim of abuse herself, Lillian grew up with her adoptive aunt and uncle. Michael’s father was adopted, as well.

Michael is a partner at Munck Wilson Mandala law firm and a veteran of the US Navy, having served in Afghanistan. Lillian is currently working on her college degree. They are both busy adults who decided they could make a difference in a child’s life.

With your support, they were able to connect with Jonathan’s Place and start the training and licensing process to become foster-to-adopt parents.

“Shortly after we married, we started to explore the different agencies and options for adoption. Jonathan’s Place offers honesty and clarity to not only the difficulty of the process but the commitment required on our end,” said Lillian.

In October 2012, they welcomed three foster children who came from the Emergency Shelter at Jonathan’s Place.

They grew to love those children, but the adoption was not meant to be and the children were placed with biological relatives.

Lillian and Michael were devastated, but they persevered through their pain knowing they were still able to make a positive impact in the lives of abused children.

Soon, the couple began the process again and welcomed three foster children into their home – Taylor, Jocelyn, and Braden. continued on page 4

The children were neglected by their mother who had a history of drug abuse and a history with Child Protective Services.

After several months, your gifts made it possible for Lillian and Michael Rodriguez to adopt these three beautiful children this past September.

Today, the girls are thriving in private school and Braden is a joy of a toddler.

“Our life has changed from two happily married adults into a family of five. Something is always going great and something is always about to break. Life has been pulled by its tethers to reveal a beautiful tapestry of laughter, fun, joy, frustration, sorrow and, above all, happiness.”

Thank you for your continued support that allows Jonathan’s Place to help children.

Your generous support made it possible for Lillian and Michael to finally have the family they’ve always dreamed of and Taylor, Jocelyn, and Braden the parents they deserve.