A Snack for Kids, Helping Kids

A Snack for Kids, Helping Kids

gluckJonathan’s Place is proud to partner with Gluck Treats to help support the children in our care.

A portion of each sale of Gluck items goes to support abused and neglected children in North Texas.  Since 2013, Gluck has provided thousands of dollars to help the children in our care.

You can find Gluck at select North Texas Kroger, Tom Thumb and Central Market stores.  If Gluck isn’t sold at your preferred store, be sure to ask the store to stock the product.


GLÜCK is a German word meaning happiness, prosperity and good luck.

We started GLÜCK with the idea of creating a place where people can work and live happy lives, sharing their talents and spreading happiness to those who enjoy our treats and to those in need. “LIVE, WORK and GIVE”.

We wanted to enjoy life while working on something that has meaning to us, something that matters. For us, it is creating delicious and 100% natural snacks that can help orphaned and neglected kids have a happier life. The more we sell the more we give…!

Glück “Treats that Give” is an easy way for people that want to help, to be part of a GIVING chain. By buying our treats, they are contributing to something that matters.

We are excited about helping others…thanks for supporting our dream.