A Future Radio Star?

A Future Radio Star?

Thank you to the staff at K104 and 105.7 for welcoming the residents in our girls treatment program on Tuesday.

While at the radio station in Grand Prairie, they received a background tour and met several radio personalities.  The girls even got a “shout-out” from  KJ live on her show on Smooth R&B 105.7.

During the tour, the girls were able to see behind the scenes of a radio station, had the opportunity to understand how a radio show works and how song decisions are made.

This day is just one example of how we count people across North Texas to provide the children in our care with inspiring and educational events.

If your company would like to sponsor a similar event or if would like information on how you can help the residents in our girls treatment program, please contact Meredith McNulty at 972-303-5303 ext. 248.